Reston's African American Legacy Television Series

 is a half-hour program that introduces its audience to African American RESTONIANS who have contributed to the quality-of-life in the new town. These pioneers established businesses, founded churches, cultural organizations, and chartered local chapters of national fraternities, sororities, and social organizations. They are noted scientists, educators, military officers, entrepreneurs and corporate executives. Some are entertainers, ministers, theologians, inventors, athletes, politicians, and government officials.


Many in this group of Africans Americans came to RESTON during its early years because of its open housing policies and the promise of a place where they could call home, feel comfortable and rear their children. This television series talks with those that are still with us, remembers those who have gone on to their resting place and celebrates the next generation.


Each show has three segments: PIONEERS, THE NEXT GENERATION, AND MEMORIES. The ensemble of hosts are: LaVerne Gill (Producer and creator); Eulene Bevans; Pamela Ahart-Steward, Gloria Durham; and. David H. Jackson. The show also invites guest hosts from time-to-time.

For more information contact LAVERNE GILL.




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