Reston Impact brings events and personalities, public policy and political issues to the viewing audience. Initially host John Lovaas organized candidate forums for elections for Congress, State Senator and Delegate, Supervisor and the School Board representatives serving Reston. The Reston Candidate Forums began their 10th consecutive year in 2007. Following the attacks of September 11, 2001, the format was expanded to become what is now Reston Impact. The program covers a wide range of topics—from the national level including guests such as Ambassador Joseph Wilson who gained national attention when he exploded the Bush Administration myth of Iraq’s attempt to acquire nuclear material and whose CIA agent spouse Valery Plame was outed by the administration to local issues such as over-development and what really drives local policies. Authors discuss their books and leaders of Reston organizations explain their operations to the community. It is a forum for the discussion of major public policy issues affecting Reston, Virginia and the country—for example, opposing sides of the major transportation referendum conducted a lively debate on Reston Impact and an upcoming program will present opposing views on school boundary changes. Political candidates of all stripes regularly appear for lively discussions with Mr. Lovaas, and controversy has found a home on Reston Impact right alongside the promotion of community.

John Lovaas is the host and producer of Reston Impact. He is a retired Senior Foreign Service Officer in the US foreign aid program and a long time Reston homeowner and resident. In addition to having served on the Boards of Directors of the Reston Association, the Reston Community Center and as President of the Reston Citizens Association, Mr. Lovaas is a founder of the Reston Farmers Market at Lake Anne. He has worked in Reston community television also since 1998 and created Reston Impact in 2002. He and his wife Fran Lovaas have been homeowners in Reston since 1978 and now reside in Lake Anne. Mr. Lovaas was selected as a Best of Reston Award winner in 2007.





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